I'm becky.
I'm 19
I'm shy
I'm extremely short.
I live in Scotland.
and I'm awkward as fuck.

"If you want to find out who your real friends are, sink the ship."

My face



Girl, Interrupted

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Here’s a song about being a smitten, self-centered dumb ass.

she always felt so cold, in her white walled hospital room. she said “i need a bit of warmth, so i can use the reds to fight my blues”. i promised her i’d find a way to change the lack of colour where she hurts. and while she don’t care much for me, i’d bleed and bruise and i would kill for her. i watched her fall in love with that bastard who dont give a damn. to him shes one of many, and “ongoing” one night stand. she’s still cold. so i followed him, pulled out my knife. i stabbed that motherfucker in the throat until he died and i wiped his blood across my lips. you dont know love until you’ve tasted it. shivering she cried “i hope he’s fine”, i painted her room in warm blood red lies. and she aint cold. there’s colour on every wall. she dont care much for me, and i dont care at all.

uh so brad wrote one of the most perfect songs i’ve ever heard and even let me sing on it too. he is really something else and can u even fucking believe he almost decided to never let this song see the light of day

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Xiu Xiu - Born To Suffer
"If god won’t come, I’ll go to him"

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Sylvia, can’t you see what you are doing? Can’t you see I’m scared to speak, and I hate my voice ‘cause it only makes you angry. Sylvia, I only talk when you are sleeping. That’s when I tell you everything. And I imagine that somehow you’re going to hear me… The Antlers - Sylvia (via imgraceless)

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Kettering - The Antlers

I wish that I had known, in that first minute we met, the unpayable debt that I owed you.

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from “Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out,” by Richard SIken
from “Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out,” by Richard SIken

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Jeff, play time is over… Now it’s time to wake up.

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Biko - Bloc Party

Toughen up.

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All you need to know about Jesse Pinkman in two screencaps

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Sail // AWOLNATION // Megalithic Symphony

maybe i should cry for help, maybe i should kill myself, blame it on my A.D.D baby

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Nessleton with the hiccups.

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I keep having dreams I’m back with this little munchkin :(

I keep having dreams I’m back with this little munchkin :(

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